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Photo by Corinne Cormier
Photo by Corinne Cormier

Photo by Corinne Cormier
Photo by Corinne Cormier

Photo by Corinne Cormier
Photo by Corinne Cormier

Photo by Corinne Cormier
Photo by Corinne Cormier

Opening Keynote Address - An Era of Sustainable Energy Innovation: 'The Sun Rises in the North'

Christopher Henderson


Session 1: Arctic Energy Resource Development & Exploration

James Fulford

Maintaining Readiness

Menzie McEachern

Enabling NWT Oil & Gas Development: From Policy Action to Petroleum Prosperity

Lee Willis

How Beaufort Oil & Gas Exploration Has Changed Since the 70's & 80's

Jennifer Winter

Energy Use & Public Confidence: Implications for Arctic Energy Resources Development

Session 2: Arctic Energy Generation and Its Use in the North


Emanuel DaRosa 

Northwest Territories Power Corporation Overview

Andrew Hall

Yukon Energy Presentation

Taufik Haroon

Qulliq Energy Corporation: Challenges, Plans & Achievements

      Session 3: Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy


Geraldine Byrne

Wild Energy Conservation in the Northwest Territories

Claudio Canizares

Replacing Diesel Generation with Renewable Sources in Arctic Communities

JP Pinard

Building a Renewable Energy Future for First Nation Communities

Farid Sharifi

WWF Arctic Renewable Energy: Nunavut and the Inuvik Region

Linda Todd

Lutsel K'e Solar PV Project

      Session 4: Planning, Building and Upgrading Design for Energy Conservation in the Arctic

Alain Fournier

Desinging Sustainable Housing for Nunavimmiut: A Pilot Project

Molly Rettig

Cold Climate Housing Research Centre

Antonio Zedda

Kobayashi & Zedda Architects

Session 5: Local Projects, Conservation & Renewable Initiatives in the Western Arctic

Vince Brown

My Story: Biomass in Inuvik

Elaine Carr

Biomass Energy Progress in the NWT

Klaus Dohring

Solar Projects in the Arctic

Grant Hood

Town of Inuvik Initiatives

Session 6: Emerging Technologies, Ideas & Projects in the Arctic

Barend Dronkers

Clean Energy Innovation in Remote Communities

Peter Lang

Dunedin Energy Systems

Gina Strati

Hydrogen Storage Technologies

Gary Worcester

Inspired Innovation: Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for the North

      Closing Keynote Address:

Elizabeth McDonald

Energy Efficiency, The First Fuel

Other Presentations:

Patrick Laurie

Bremara Power Inc: Utility Grade JouleBox Hybrid Generator


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