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Archive, 2016


Opening Keynote Address - An Era of Sustainable Energy Innovation: 'The Sun Rises in the North'

Christopher Henderson


Session 1: Arctic Energy Resource Development & Exploration

James Fulford

Maintaining Readiness

Menzie McEachern

Enabling NWT Oil & Gas Development: From Policy Action to Petroleum Prosperity

Lee Willis

How Beaufort Oil & Gas Exploration Has Changed Since the 70's & 80's

Jennifer Winter

Energy Use & Public Confidence: Implications for Arctic Energy Resources Development

Session 2: Arctic Energy Generation and Its Use in the North


Emanuel DaRosa 

Northwest Territories Power Corporation Overview

Andrew Hall

Yukon Energy Presentation

Taufik Haroon

Qulliq Energy Corporation: Challenges, Plans & Achievements

      Session 3: Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy


Geraldine Byrne

Wild Energy Conservation in the Northwest Territories

Claudio Canizares

Replacing Diesel Generation with Renewable Sources in Arctic Communities

JP Pinard

Building a Renewable Energy Future for First Nation Communities

Farid Sharifi

WWF Arctic Renewable Energy: Nunavut and the Inuvik Region

Linda Todd

Lutsel K'e Solar PV Project

      Session 4: Planning, Building and Upgrading Design for Energy Conservation in the Arctic

Alain Fournier

Desinging Sustainable Housing for Nunavimmiut: A Pilot Project

Molly Rettig

Cold Climate Housing Research Centre

Antonio Zedda

Kobayashi & Zedda Architects

Session 5: Local Projects, Conservation & Renewable Initiatives in the Western Arctic

Vince Brown

My Story: Biomass in Inuvik

Elaine Carr

Biomass Energy Progress in the NWT

Klaus Dohring

Solar Projects in the Arctic

Grant Hood

Town of Inuvik Initiatives

Session 6: Emerging Technologies, Ideas & Projects in the Arctic

Barend Dronkers

Clean Energy Innovation in Remote Communities

Peter Lang

Dunedin Energy Systems

Gina Strati

Hydrogen Storage Technologies

Gary Worcester

Inspired Innovation: Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for the North

      Closing Keynote Address:

Elizabeth McDonald

Energy Efficiency, The First Fuel

Other Presentations:

Patrick Laurie

Bremara Power Inc: Utility Grade JouleBox Hybrid Generator


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